Travel Photography – Tips for Beginners

Not All Who Wander are Lost... Are you about to embark on an exciting trip? Be it local or somewhere far flung, travel photography can be incredibly inspiring. You get to combine two wonderful pastimes all whilst absorbing the native cultures. You can either wander about aimlessly and just wait to see what catches your eye, or if your time away is limited, then half the fun can be researching the area before your trip to see where the most captivating shots can be found and what events might b

Phone Photography… Megapixels Don’t Mean Everything

With most phones now claiming to offer monumental megapixel counts, you may wonder why many people are happy to shell out for a mirrorless or DSLR system. ‘Proper camera' sceptics will no doubt argue that a phone is always with you and has a much more pocket-friendly form factor, and while this is true, there are sacrifices to make in return for convenience. The original commercially available camera phone was brought to us by Japanese company Kyocera and was called the VP-210. It was released

Shooting a Winter Wedding

Are you staring down the barrel of an upcoming winter wedding booking and feeling a little fearful? Are you fretting about the light (or lack of) and the prospect of letting your clients down? You may be a seasoned wedding photographer, but if you’ve never shot a winter wedding before, you can be forgiven for feeling a little apprehensive. Hopefully this article will help you convert any feelings of dread into excitement and anticipation, resulting in a sublimely happy couple! It's easy to assu

Learning to Overpower the Sun

Have you ever been a guest at a wedding, and watched as the photographer fired away with a flashgun despite the glaring sunlight and wondered why on Earth they were adding even more light to the scene? The chances are, they were ‘overpowering the sun’. This technique is especially useful when shooting a wedding – a wedding can’t be rescheduled so you have no choice but to make it work in whatever conditions you are presented with. By harnessing the power of artificial light you can take full co